Yoga to me…


Yoga to me means to take the journey inward, to let go of the things that interfere with my ultimate peace and happiness.

I have a practice of calling on the spirits for guidance.

Spirits of the north for strength and courage.

Spirits of the south for harmony and peace.

Spirits of the west for love, compassion, and gratitude.

Spirits of the east for forgiveness and understanding.

These are interchangeable. Just like anything in life, changing for the better, as we go after what we want and steer away from what we don’t want, which can create confusion/chaos in life. So yoga is the practice of letting go and allowing life to unfold the way it is planned according to God. So really, fate brought me to yoga. And fate will bring you to my yoga class, so we can teach each other how to love.

I call on the spirits of the highest realms imaginable, so I am protected and guided to practice in such a way that is spiritually enlightening for myself and my students.

I like to begin with breath work. Yoga is moving meditation, with breath as the guide.

I start every yoga session with an intention. To send love out to all the family and friends.  Sending love and light. To give is to receive. I allow love to flow freely through me.

With so many heart openers to reveal to us the love that is deep within, awakening internal fire and kundalini energy to heal and revive our spirits.

Throughout the practice surrendering the ego more and more.

Not changing anything about myself, accepting where I am and who I am.

As far as the physical practice goes, yoga asana takes much time and practice to see results, not expecting anything to happen overnight. Accepting what is.

Ending practice with a yoga nidra for ultimate relaxation, with singing bowls and bells,  and finish with meditation and mantra.

And the rest of the day is all peaceful after a nice yoga class. I am open to receive. To give is to receive. I allow love to flow freely through me.

I normally teach a vinyasa style Hatha class, some days are more restorative than other it depends on the energy of the class, moon cycle, etc.
See you soon

Healing Elements: I teach Monday morning and afternoon. I teach Wednesday morning and afternoon and evening.

Also Sunday 8am before Church @ Unity or Mind Body Spirituality Center. I also frequent meditation center, common grounds, buddhist monastery, zen center.

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