Yoga Reflections

Yoga is a method to stay mentally and physically fit and spiritually involved with the universe. Through years of yoga practice, I grew calm, at ease, more loving and accepting of myself and others than I ever fathomed. Yoga is a path of discovery for TRUTH and our true self. We are designed to feel so amazing the body is a miraculous vessel for God, and Yoga is a way to experience God to the max. It is the path to the true self. It is a means of self-transformation. A catalyst for positive change and spiritual growth.

At first I began Yoga because it was meditative, I had extreme stress and Yoga was able to calm my nerves, the increased flexibility sure is nice too. The body becomes supple, toned, graceful, and I felt like the dumpy adolescent gray goose that transformed into an elegant beautiful white swan! I thought Yoga to be very challenging, it took many years to grow my practice into what it is today. There is always much to learn from Yoga, it has opened my mind in so many ways. It is pure joy, love, and compassion I feel in the Yoga practice. Yoga is the practice that led me to unconditional bliss, consciousness, and love. Yoga can be a physical practice, but it is so much more.

Yoga teaches mindfulness. To me mindfulness is living simply, thoughtfully returning back to a state of equilibrium. Yoga keeps the body feeling so good, removing stagnant energy; taking with it years of stored energy, emotion, tension, or interference with the peace that can be felt when freed up from all that.

Yoga unifies and harmonizes the practitioner with the whole, we are one piece of the universe, changing the fate of the universe and the workings of the world one thought at a time. Seeing through our own lens what is happening around us, may that lens be what you want it to be. When the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony; peace, calm, equanimity are the result. Love for the self and others. There is so much bliss to be felt and experienced with a Yoga practice and in daily life. When the mind becomes still you notice subtle vibrations within and without the body, it can be an amazing experience to merge with the infinite, the divine consciousness. Yoga brings consciousness to the forefront. I am blessed to be a Yoga teacher to share this enlightening practice with others.

In the world full of toxins, yoga detoxes you for a purified body to clear the energy channels for better mental and physical functioning and increased spiritual capacity. The goal is to find yourself perfect, whole, and complete. Yoga helps us get out of our own way, and to simply live in harmony with ourselves and others. Once the body is purified, it becomes natural to make only the healthy choices in life. It works magic when practiced regularly and performed properly.

Yoga enhances all areas of life, improving the ability to focus, especially if you’re into sports or higher education. It can supplement your workout program, or practiced in addition to regular strength training and walking. Yoga is a resistance activity that builds strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and so on. I am in the process of researching the benefits of Yoga while at St Kate’s holistic health studies program. Yoga also teaches positive psychology and Buddhist philosophy, such as nonjudgmental awareness, nonattachment, loving kindness, and gratitude. To me, Yoga is time well spent breathing life into all areas of my reality as I’ve created it. Yoga burns up ego, karma, desire, suffering. It brings contentment, acceptance, compassion, and so much more into my life. Every class we set an intention because the power of prayer is real. Ask and you shall receive, give and you shall receive. Patience in all things, no more entitlement or instant gratification, Yoga is a real solution to real problems and takes time and dedication. What you set your heart on is already on its way. Some things just take longer. The clearer the intention the more powerful the results will be. Yoga teaches us our power, and not to give our power away.

Metaphysics plays a part in Yoga. I practiced Traditional Hatha Yoga in India. I remember so much talk on philosophy and one takeaway Id like to share is simply, be the light. God is in everything and everyone of us. Yoga brings a bright light into people. It shines up a dull diamond, it’s a process of unravelling negative thought and habit patterns, unconditioning ourselves to be more present in the moment, wipes away worry, rumination, fear; what’s left is brilliance, pure gold. The body is a masterpiece with no two people exactly the same, there are no comparisons, competition, or judgments in Yoga. Come as you are, dress comfortably and ready to shed your old self, to begin again and again, everything different, through beginner’s eyes. There is no end or beginning, we are timeless and eternal spiritual beings living this human experience and Yoga is an essential component to living to your highest human potential.

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