The warm air touches the ┬áskin, ┬áthe mat cushions the bones, the soft blanket, the block, the bolster, life couldn’t get more simple. The music fills the air, the mantra sings in my mind to no end. The Yoga room filled with devoted students, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Iyengar light on life books on the shelf, essential oils, candles, dim lights all fill my senses. The room is clean clear and soft, the floors are inviting for many yoga sessions and moons to come. There no limit to how many hours to practice on the mat, or off the mat for that matter. Love endures all. The love for this practice in life consumes me, nothing else compares to this freedom and joy experienced through Yoga. I forget the doings and goings of this planet, I become immersed in bliss, with infinite consciousness. Guru force strengthens and I sip from a glass of Amrita. Every breath goes deeper, every flow becomes more complete, the asanas becoming smoother and the breath at ease. Im less preoccupied with mind and more in my body. My entire being becomes lighter, filled with spaciousness and grace. Yoga daily practice that doesn’t much else than a dedicated practice daily, year after year to allow the soul to merge with infinite consciousness and experience true freedom. If you find yourself in Jail, they can take your body and lock you up, but they can’t capture your soul from this unlimited source of grace. Yoga. Love in action, the path thru the self to the self. The cessation of thoughts, the loss of the ego, the unification of body, mind, and soul. The longest traveller in the universe is love – Swami Rama. The traveller of the soul moves thru the mind-field rather than place to place, lose is the oldest traveller the Yogi seeks this love and this is true wisdom. To know the self is true knowledge. Truth, above all else, seeking the pleasures of the world are wasteful and consume the energy, depleting one of life force. The Yoga brings equanimity, preserves the qi, builds the Qi~ The energy is maintained and there becomes balance. The becomes Sadhana. Yoga in action, The actions become tribes to God, the fruits of the harvest become offerings the the supreme god consciousness, surrender to the supreme, ishvara pranidhana. To remain at peace to live and let live, to see thyself in others, to alleviate suffering in the world, to become pure, the lifestyle changes Yoga becomes the saving grace. The soul finds intoxication in the love of life ,rather than intoxicants that usually bring a sense of displeasure. To turn inward to that inner guru the answer to all the problems in the world, to Yoga is to union with the self. All else just takes away and separates, individuals are created and the union and oneness are lost.

The room feels welcoming, the incense clears the room of energy, bringing in divine energies, the spirit flows freely into every nook and cranny, crevice and atom, and element becomes light. The light turns on within and shines without. It can be seen or felt and we know you know and I know when someone has that spark. The Yoga room is a sacred space to unify others, the Yoga practice unifies souls to find themselves. The breath deepens the heat builds up, the room builds fire to burn impurities, Tapas. Sins are forgiven, karma’s are paid off. There is a new beginning every day, to show up each day on the mat, it begins again. The soul years for the Yoga practice, life will never be the same again. Even if you haven’t done Yoga on the mat, you know because all souls have come in touch with their deeper selves and its readily available for all to receive. Even if paralyzed on a bed. Its a choice. It nourishes and provides more joy and satisfaction than any donut ever could fill. The void doesn’t need to be filled, we can just sit and observe this void. The void can be filled with divinity the sense of completion can come, fulfillment, like you have arrived and you are home within yourself. When savasana comes, the death of the practice, or the death of the small self, as one unifies and goes forward in life as part of the bigger picture, as the Big Self. The atman. The soul can be liberated and at complete rest, theres a sense of accomplishment the soul can reach complete relaxation, thru vigorous effort the body lay in deeper rest, theres contentment. Theres no grasping for things to bring joy, happiness is an inside job. Theres moderation in eating and speaking, energy is preserved. the body becomes lighter, the mind becomes serene like a clear blue lake on a calm day. Adversities have come and gone, they will continue to come like wind on a clear lake, we can move forward unafflicted untormented by the past, not to worry about the future, the present moment without the judgments, commentary, the noise! We sit legs crossed, spine straight, eyes closed. Pure inner calm, peace, silence washes the mind of all afflictions. Silence is obtained through yoga meditation and mantra. There is a transmission of energy through the initiation guru disciple relationship. This initiatory force, the Guru lineage, to protect, guide and aid one on their journey, thru the self to the self. Atman, Brahmin, call it what you will. Its a climb up a hill to get to the peak of the mountain, with the help of a Guru, this path is expedited. Close the eyes and find this journey to self transformation building a life you want, a life you take control of. Live the life you choose. know that destiny brings us all home, but you can come home sooner, don’t wait till death to rest in this immense sense of love and light. Why wait? Than sit back and laugh at this cosmic play.

-Are we here to stay? Is the question? Is this life as transient as the clear light of the solar flares. Is this life a blink of an eye in comparison to the age of this planet. Since impermanence is destiny, we may not stay here, we may die and go freely from place to place, but this is just a distraction from what we are really here to do, this is love. Let Yoga open the channels, and bring more energy and love into your life. See you on the mat. Namaste.

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