When 1 door closes another door opens

“True yogis are able to control the mind under all circumstances. When that perfection is reached, you are free. Then you know life is a divine adventure. Jesus and other great souls have proved this. Nothing could touch them. They enjoyed uninterruptedly the sweet romance with God. It is the only part of the adventure that has any purpose.

You will finish this life-adventure only when you conquer its dangers by your will power and mind power, as did the Great Ones. Then you will look back and say, “Lord, it was a pretty bad experience. I came near failing, but now I am in the safety of Your presence forever.

Man is playing at life like a child, but his mind grows stronger through fighting sickness and troubles. Anything that weakens your mind is your greatest enemy, and whatever strengthens your mind is your haven. Laugh at any trouble that comes. The Lord has shown me that this life is but a dream. When you wake up, you will remember it only as a dream of joy and sorrow that has passed. You will know you are everlasting in the Lord.”

-Paramhansa Yogananda

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