The healer, a poem by Leslie

She’s a warrior of peace

armored at night riding her


always taking flight

slashing the worries and fears

that take their toll over the years

IN her dreams she meets

with the other healers near and far away

she plans strategies to bring more spirits

from astray

Souls lost in the dark of night

the healer with her golden rays of magnitude,

sends out the light.

Armored with purl flame and white from above,

she changes the vibration of everything

she can love.

The healer sees everything anew

She washes her hands with beautiful blue, and baths

her skin in yellow sunshine, the trees shower her with

healing energy and she takes it in.

All the green, blue, red, yellow, she just cant get enough

of the motherly love,

so much she becomes an Earth mother or

Angel to protect this very earth ship that brings her to life.

Every moment and from all directions

she’s picking up frequencies and knows just what to do, she

takes it all in with a beautiful surrender,

each moment and each step is closer

to serenity, peace, and calm

Her hair is untamed, each strand excited with

energy that flows about

she’s looking for a reason to go without,

to go without makeup,

chemicals too

for the body is a temple of God, let the glow shine through!

Some days the world gets to be a bit too much, so she closes her eyes,


her hands caress her face, to remember that we are here,

by the forces of divine grace.

Her hands allow her to melt the tension of

worry, anger, judgement and fear, to remember the light, love,

and wisdom from within.

Divine spiritual beings to seek enlightenment, to be enlightened, little spirits to make a big difference, and to forget the rest,

can make all the difference in the life

of a healer. Love it all, forget the rest.

Smile! The healer is near for she is in each one of use,

yes guys too.

Divine feminine rises and to bring us home to ourselves, to each other,

to the infinite wisdom of the ages…

So let your guard down, let ego go, follow your heart

and soul it shows you the way.

Be the light you so love to see, send light and love

to all the places in need.

Never forget you are home within yourself,

oneness and kindness are only way to really be,

forget the rest,

for Healer knows best.

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