Spirituality is knowledge, through self study

Take time each day to look within and self study, to deepen your knowledge of your self, is spirituality. To realize your own presence in this vast universe, this Divine presence you have. Practice yoga, pray, meditate, chant, Japa, and you will seize suffering, for you will seize want, desire, craving, aversion. You will simply begin to ‘be’. ┬áLet Go Relax. This is when you realize you are it, the creator of your reality, you are so small compared to the large Universe around you. Be in harmony with this wisdom of life. Give up your wanting to feel powerful and big, humble yourself. ┬áThe Ego is full of problems and drama, distractions, with no peace of mind. Do the spiritual work, through Yoga and other spiritual disciplines to end suffering, to not want to suffer anymore, because there is so much bliss to be felt.


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