Savasana, death of the practice

One important aspect of life: birth and death. A time to live, a time to die. And to let death be the result of living a life well lived, to accept death, and not hold on to the last breath. To practice through savasana at the end of the yoga practice to accept the death of the yoga practice, a metaphor for living life to the fullest.

Death is needed after life. Life needs to go on. Death is liberation from suffering. Death is a victory not defeat. Death is a rite of passage, we are eternal beings living this short human experience. I live each day knowing today could be the last, to celebrate the moment with mindfulness and kindness. By letting our elders pass away without holding on to them…through life support and over medication. To celebrate life each day by allowing death to be a natural part of life, not something to resist. Let go of that which does not serve us…resistance to change, attachments, etc…

For every beginning there is an end. Yoga begins and ends in savasana for me, for I want to feel awakened to the notion that death is part of my everyday life. To accept death.  By accepting death I appreciate life much more freely. To know that this soul will live on. Death is welcomed. It is inevitable.


Why wait till death to learn that you are truly luminous being of God? Be the light.

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