Perception of Yoga

There’s Yoga studios then there’s more spiritual places like this with a more spiritual basis.  I come in here with a clear consciousness and I don’t plan anything, I let divine guidance take me.  That is a very powerful practice, to let divine energy love flowing through me.  I use a lot of practices, aromatherapy, he aling touch, and it’s very client focused.  Whereas at a gym, like Core Power, it’s just fitness, and it’s very competitive.  And that’s where I started, Core Power.  But it doesn’t matter where you start, if you really get into it, you’re going to find that soul level consciousness.  So I have pros and cons for places like Core Power and places like healing elements.  So there’s a lot more to the Yoga than just the poses.

We do this Yogic lifestyle, and it’s hard to do it here, where it is a lot more expensive to live here.  You can’t just hang out by the Ganges smoking marijuana here.  When you’re here you have to work, go to school, have to make money, you have different priorities.  But Yoga has a way of living that allows you to live with other people, no matter where you are, or who you are dealing with. You are able to be a lot more equanimous, you’re able to be enlightened.  They encourage you to go out in the world, to make a difference, not just to sit at home and meditate, to meditate with your life.  

There are a lot of Yoga students here, and I highly recommend taking Yoga teacher training, even if you are not going to have students because it will transform your life.

I started on base in the military, then Life time Fitness, then Core Power, then here.  I have learned not to have resistance, no cravings, no resistance.  I have learned not to judge. It’s such a simple way to live.  That’s beautiful

Yoga culture- we tend to move toward more vegetarian, huge self love, non-harming, we love animals.  So instead of a selfish, it looks like it’s selfish, oh I’m going to Yoga every day, no.  We are raising up the world with this consciousness.  We are Yoga warriors for peace.

The Midwest culture, I don’t know how it differs from CA.  I’ve done Yoga in CA and I’ve lived here, I lived in CA for four years.  I waited a long time before teaching so I could really relate to people, I could relate to advanced people, from experience.  I put in a lot of effort, almost daily practice for the last nine years, almost ten years.  Then I’ve also done the meditation, I did the ten day sitting meditation.  I did the three month stay at an ashram.

I won’t judge you.  It doesn’t matter what you look like.  You could come in here hung over, and I won’t give you a hard time.  Anybody could walk in the door and I would be able to teach them.  Just do the practice, and it works.  Come to the Yoga mat every day. Not to be judgmental, oh this practice was not as good as yesterday’s… Just do the practice and see things as they are without passing judgment.

They are teaching dharma in the gyms now.  You go to Core Power, and they think they are better than the gyms, but they are teaching dharma there now too.

You are quieting your mind.  I teach pranayama to focus, to quiet the monkey mind.  I love that focus.  And relax your body to let that prana flow to where it doesn’t normally flow if you’re tense.  You understand the chakras, the energy bodies, subtle bodies.  There’s a lot more to us than just the physical body. You go inward to tap into your spirit.

I don’t try to confuse my students talking about the koshas, I just say drop the ego layers of illusions and go into your pure soul, your self love.  I try to simplify the ancient teachings.  I don’t use a lot of Sanskrit, some classes here in Minneapolis you have to know the Sanskrit.  I like to use the Sanskrit, throw some Sanskrit around.  Michael Prodinger’s class, Iyengar, they won’t tell you the English, you have to know the Sanskrit.  Iyengar is totally specialized, I have total respect for those teachers.  If you go to an Iyengar class your’e going to get much better class.  At Core Power they teach the 8 fold path, Astanga.  Going to the teacher training can get you started on that journey.  

The break from tradition-yeah.  they go to Yoga and a lot of other people are more extreme in their Yoga practice.  After a while you’re going to commit to a Yoga practice, ahimsa, non-lying, non-cheating, non-stealing, to really live up to your ideals instead of being a hypocrite, getting drunk, if you’re a Yoga person you’ll avoid things that are toxic to you.

Practice the foundation, live that, to breathe that yoga, strive to be more like their students, ask questions, engage in their practice, learn about the chakras, detox, prana,  to engage the community, to read the books, practice meditation, study Ayurveda, Ayurveda is huge, get to know your nadis.  Meditation for sure, I would for sure teach that to all of my students.

Learn about diet.  I went to India and that was huge.  I ate a lot of vegetables, a sattvic diet.  No spice, no oil, lightly cooked, easily digestible, and fasting, cleansing rituals once a week.  Get into a schedule, every day in the morning, every day at night, get into a schedule and stick to it.

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