Love is Path of life continued.

Take something that will serve you. Do not accept nor reject, only contemplate. Ponder these things with your heart.

Notes from Richard Billings, longest standing Unity minister.

Divine energy of the feminine. Both male and female are composite of the Divine.

Feel beyond time and space. Great is that spirit in yours to conquer all disease. Great faith touches the garment of consciousness and light.

Dreams will  open like a lotus flower.

Always that light embraces all humanity to transcend all darkness. This is why we pray.  For mystical treasures.

It is not easy to honor others, to live and let live, It takes great love and light to fill our hearts, and to meet this challenge. To pray for eachother, the Universe, and this world we live in.

So meditate on this: Immerse yourself in light and love, this is the baptism of the spirit. Imagine a funnel of golden light of truth, love, and God, to move downward through the crown chakra into the throat. Focus on the eye area, say ” Blessed are my eyes for they see.” Through the throat chakra,  the power center, comes the word.

All Prayer is given to me in heaven and Earth.

The lungs breath the breath of God. The breath of life. Let the weight of the world roll off from your shoulders.

The heart, the throne of God, feeds oxygen to every part of our human expression.

Further down the chakra system is the solar system. Where sun, light shine upward and outward. This is the second brain of the body. You feel in your gut emotions. The more relaxed you become the more light will fill the space and heal what ails you.

The forgiving love of Christ will set us free. To release any resentment. The light flows freely to cleanse, heal, transform, and restore.

So, open the heart to dynamic love. Say, “I forgive” and “I see within you the living Christ” or ” I behold the Christ in you” I am the Christ. For, the expression of the living God is I AM.

Free yourself from any sense of unforgiveness, unforgiving is creating bondages and blockages for love to flow.

Love does not fail. Love will do it thru us. Let it flow. Through every body part you have. Spirit of God moves through you.

Move to the inner sanctuary of Truth where God and IAM abide. Harmonizing power and energy.

Peace and Faith are strengthened, wisdom becomes our guide, spiritual understanding is recognized. Unfailing recognition of our unlimited resource in love and light flowing to us and through us.  Our soul is nurtured. Bath in this light of truth. Our thoughts are God directed. The Universe is restored vision. In this kingdom it is the realm of love, anything not in harmony will fight, and eventually tire, to be healed.

Be stronger then your fears.  Turn doubt into Faith, anxiety into silent energy of restoration. Creative power and harmony to whole world to heal relationships, we are a family, to establish health and wholeness, fulfill Divine Plan. and be prosperous.

Truth illumines us at depth and reveals to us that which we need to know.

We rest, as in sabbatical and sabbath. to Let go all concerns and doubts. Living spirit quickens in us movement of life. Feel this power individually and collectively. The spirit of truth comforts us, like comforter blanket in cold winter.

My highest goal materializes now.

I am kingdom of God.

Glory of life endures forever. Amen.

Allow peace to fill your heart with gladness and Joy.

Use this light to light the world and heal.

For the light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, Power of God protects me, Presence of God watches over me, whereever I am God is and all is well!


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