Indigenous day

With indigenous on my mind…
I ate today with a bamboo spoon. I felt that the indigenous would have carved their own spoons out from a piece of wood, or simply ate with their hands. I drove past the tent tribe of Native American Indian folk, and my heart aches that these people are under the influence of our demise, the heroine and drugs we synthesize in our white man labs, sterile buildings, with fluorescent lights, and pale faces, we not the people of the sun bringing light and love of this earth, but taking what wasn’t ours, and putting boundaries, putting the indigenous away like dogs in a cage. Earth really can’t be owned. Do you think you own the land you bear your children on? Do you own the muskrat that teeters across your lawn at dawn looking for scraps that you didn’t leave behind for him because your careless attitude and absent mindedly watching the news. Do you think the indigenous would have fed the last scraps to their animal keenship? The rubbish that goes to the landfill…was that the things you bought on a credit card on a whim…not to care what the production of this item may have caused harm to the air…while you idle the car during your day job….This doesn’t pertain to all of you. Im bringing up things this indigenous day. This day that we must wonder how we came to be where we are now. Can we control the fate of man? Can we make our lives infamous with glory? Through story, when the tides turn, can we remember what it was that mattered to us most. Can we remember the smiles, the people, can we forgive the times when stones were cast and words could not be unsaid. Not this we are not this, we are not owners of this very body, this land is not ours. Mother Divine with her powerful gust can take all away in a single breath. Indigenous

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