Heart Chakra

 The 4 attributes of the heart and what they mean to me. Compassion- the feeling of gratitude for self and others, Innate Harmony- being calm in the midst of chaos, Healing Presence- the feeling of love, gratitude, and appreciation that creates the condition for healing, and Unconditional Love- the mystery that unites all things. 

These concepts are at the very core of spiritual and conscious living. They are the essence of being human. The very reason and mission of life is to experience love. Energy healing isn’t healing without these four components integrated into each session. It’s a healers daily endeavor to act peacefully, calmly, gratefully, lovingly, compassionately, appreciatively, etc. To me, the heart chakra is the most powerful one of all. If anything in my life goes out of balance and any of my chakras are compromised, I become centered and focused on the heart. The heart has healing powers. The heart chakra seems to pull the lower three chakras into balance as well. By living a heart centered life and my mind is calm. Im at ease and have a peaceful or compassionate presence. Bringing my attention to the hearts area, I feel a deepening of love, joy, and bliss. I sense that I am an eternal being of consciousness and bliss. That my intuition comes from the heart, as if the heart is a brain in itself. I feel connected to all other living beings through the heart. I feel more accepting, less judgemental, and more content in my life and the world I live in. I choose to embrace the joy and good in life, and send healing energies to the suffering. I say affirmations and set the intention of living a heart centered life, especially during healing and yoga sessions. I take time out each day to give gratitude for the abundance of love that pours out from my heart and my very being. I color hearts and wear hearts as a reminder that love is the most important aspect of this life. The heart offers so much, compassion, innate harmony, healing presence, and unconditional love for all to enjoy. I feel overwhelmed with love when I focus on the heart.

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