Healers for humankind A poem by Leslie Stangler

Healers for humankind, A poem by Leslie Stangler

Once I realized I had this skill, I could heal my pain at will

To shift this energy from now on, I wont be hurting for very long

The energy I am to be, is the energy that I let go free.

Mind is at peace, body is calm, with this energy I am feeling strong.

Strong in the power of God, strong with the

My will is to be at peace, to bring others closer to this, for pervasive peace and joy is all we need.

With heavenly Grace, I can pave the way to my own and others healing.

With God presence, with angelic essence, with a touch so soft, a feeling so sweet

I forever bow in gratitude, to the source of this reality.

I know its home to me.

I look forward to meet, this divine force within me, a beautiful feat. 

To feel the love pulse through my veins, the heart beats on,  the pain subsides, the healing goes on and on. Everyday is a healing experience.

To sense this grace, to feel the power, I practice energy healing hour after hour.

I don’t know where it started, when it began.

I only know this, God is in charge. God of abundant love and infinite light.

I sense the dark, I sense the light, but all is God, there is nothing to fright.

I look no further than deep inside, where God has been all along, the most beautiful insight.

I am called to action, so I open my hands to help anyone. I offer love, peace, and compassion.  To bring the power of God to humanity once and for all. Offering healing, light, and love, I can sense their spirit soar.

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