Energy Healing

Looking back at the past semester,  I’ve come a long way in my studies of energy healing. Using consciousness in action has been very rewarding for me. I suppose I’m pleased with the results I’m feeling and seeing from practicing energy healing. I’m receiving wonderful, open, and honest feedback from my clients.  People love to be touched! Becoming an energy healing practitioner has influenced my life in great ways. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Having found this healing modality has been amazing, for I am contributing to the higher and greater good for all.  I have a greater sense of the magic that is all around us. It’s a mystical outlook on life that I have embraced throughout this practice. Being initiated into Reiki has heightened my sense of Prana/Qi, unlike anything before. I have experienced much tranquility and peace through energy healing practice which enhances my Yoga practice too.  I am pleased to share this vital life force energy with others. I feel when I touch others I also breathe Prana into them. There are so many wonderful sensations to experience when practicing energy healing. There was a time when I did not know how to deal with my reactions, my anger, judgment, and resentments. I would explode with rage. I wanted to be strong and to overcome the darkness and find inner peace and tranquility. Through tedious work,  I found energy healing and Yoga to bring me to inner silence. I am gradually learning how to maintain inner peace and silence when faced with difficult situations and circumstances, especially in all areas of life. Practicing energy healing for me is like a medium to open up to new friendships. In society, things of interest bring people together, for me this is Yoga, meditation, travel, energy healing, vegan eating, nature-loving, so fourth. I have something to offer people that is highly sought out. Most people live stressful lives. Most people seek relaxation. My offering Reiki, healing touch, and therapeutic touch is bringing me closer to people around me. I feel more oneness and harmony now with the Universe than I have felt in all my life. Practicing energy healing brings so much life and light to my existence. It’s not so strange for me to speak about energy while I’m teaching Yoga since I have such a deep understanding of energy, from experience, and I’m oh so eager to share this wisdom with others. Often times I practice Reiki on myself to experience the magic, I simply allow the energy to flow, and keep my awareness on what is going on energetically in my body.
To offer energy healing is just as beneficial to me as it is to those I practice with. I’m happy to have shared this experience with a close friend and to come closer to reaching the master level of Reiki practitioner. I realize the importance of learning these skills for my own benefit, to transform my own life before I can truly help others. I am practicing Reiki on a daily basis for I know the importance of practice, a little bit goes a long way. I am full of contentment and happiness from what energy this practice has availed me. I am like a bubbling spring of love that wants to pour out to all who are near and far. I imagine myself waving back and fourth in a sea of love and bliss. I wonder ways I can reach out to more people. I have offered people Reiki in the sauna at the gym. I made a business card to hand out to perfect strangers and friends in case they truly desired a session by me. I come across many people who are willing to do a trade, for example, massage for Reiki. As a passionate energy healing practitioner I will continue this practice for the rest of my life.
    Reflecting on the documentation sheets, I see much improvement in my confidence level from the beginning to now. I have over fifty practice sessions completed. The energy healing practice has become comfortable and natural feeling to me. When my friend demonstrated Spring Forest Qi Gong it made perfect sense since I have this foundation and vast understanding of energy. So there is a mutual benefit from giving and receiving energy healing. It is creating a supportive, nurturing, and healing relationship or community of healers. I have known about energy for quite some time now, I grew up going to Unity of Minneapolis and we often talked about God and consciousness. This seemed to have only deepened my understanding of energy healing. I also noticed energy during my years of  practicing meditation and Yoga. I feel God has blessed me in many ways over the years of living a sattvic and pure lifestyle. I practice self-less service and offer up all the fruits of my work to God. I thank God in all things, and God is good all the time. I’m more confident when some person tells me that the energy movement is very noticeable when I am practicing energy healing on them; which I’ve heard numerous times.
  The books and teachings in class were very helpful. I continuously refer to the books as a energy healing refresher and guidelines to remind me the importance of higher learning. There are many factors involved to have a professional and very fulfilling healing session. I must be grounded, centered, set an appropriate tone and demeanor to my presentation. To adhere to ethical guidelines during healing touch. To introduce myself, to set an intention, and to act in a professional manner. I want to create a welcoming and safe environment for my clients to feel at ease. I like to see my clients comfortable, at home, and able to fall asleep on the massage table while I am going about my energy healing business. I like to include aromatherapy, heat therapy with the Bio-mat, light touch,  sometimes a light massage, candles, healing stones, etc.  I act on intuition during the sessions, always respectful and loving following professional conduct and ethic of touch guidelines. I am able to read the body and energy field and know what it is that would help this person at that time. It is a gift to offer energy healing, for the benefits are experienced immediately and felt long after the session. My body vibrates at a much higher frequency with the practice of Reiki and healing touch, I am blessed to experience this and want to share this with everyone.
    I truly enjoy hearing what the experience was like for the client. I’ve had people tell me about their visions, sense of surrender, and bliss. This makes me happy to witness all the tension and stress melt away. I am pleased when energy blockages are dissipated and pain relief is experienced. Most people have a smile and look so peaceful during the practice. There were a couple time when I felt confused what technique to use, with practice and in time I’ve grown used to switching back and forth between Reiki and healing touch with therapeutic touch thrown into the mix. For me, this took an act of acceptance. I was attached to the Reiki at first and did not want to learn other modalities, but now I am so thrilled to be practicing multiple forms of energy healing. It is nice to have variety. Just like I would not want to practice the same kind of asana every day, I like having the ability to practice multiple healing modalities with people. I am referring many people to Ayurveda and Yoga for these are the things that also influence self-healing.
I just love that we all have the ability to self-heal. I think what holds us back from healing is the lack of understanding and education. It is important and fulfilling to learn the ways of body, mind, spirit and to tap into your natural healing ability. Healing begins when we truly know ourselves, honor ourselves with love and respect, and become self-realized. There is so much bliss to be experienced when setting aside time to practice energy healing.


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