East and West

I had a transformational experience after starting yoga, and I had integrated Eastern philosophy into my life and culture. Many other people of my culture: white, 28, college student, veteran, single, dog owner, nature lover, fitness lover do the same. Yoga as a fitness routine can take you by storm. Yoga is part of the western culture very much so, and I just happened to take it a little deeper by going to India and becoming a yoga teacher. Yoga practice is a physical, spritual, and emotional, ¬†practice that allows you to discover your true self, to shed the layers of illusion. There are so many reasons to love the freedom and happiness from a regular yoga practice. Healthier body image, diet, and the body become strong like a warrior. People like me and others who practice yoga appreciate yoga for the therapeutic benefits of relaxation, flexibility, and time to meditate and breath. Yoga is across the world practice and popular in all cultures. There are other cultural things that come with yoga practice, such as veganism, tea drinking, meditation, mindfulness, listening to softer music, spending more time in nature, or reading sacred texts. Yoga is life changing, its disciplined, and heart opening. Yoga has created a culture of its own of people who are universally open to infinite love and human potential. When I started yoga, I went into unknown territories of my body. I worked each day to perfect poses, try new poses, and challenge my spirit, mind, body connection. Yoga teaches the body is the temple, to cherish and love the body till death do us part, and all is impermanent that this too shall pass. Women of the West can find tranquility when practicing yoga of the East. The West shares similar tradition and beliefs such as religion teaches that God exists, and the body is the temple for God, to care for the body. I was attracted to yoga practice because I have spent my life living with faith that God would lead me to the path that would be for my greatest good. Yoga to me took much time and effort to find effortlessness in it, it was very challenging at first and has grown natural over time. I can’t imagine going a day without yoga practice. It is my life now. I share my love for yoga with others, mixing a western and eastern style of teaching yoga to make things fun and interesting, deep and full of wisdom.


Yoga may not be a religion or a religious practice but it can be whatever you want it to be. There are many similarities of Yoga belief system or Hinduism and that of the European Gods. One of the most powerful teaches is that God resides in us, when we open a pathway for God to enter, the healing spirit of the Divine will enter and heal you. We are more Eastern than we may think. This Eastern philosophy may have been a regular lifestyle for our ancestors and we have only begun to unravel the mysticism that comes with a yoga practice. The super consciousness that is within each of us can come out if we let it and let the wisdom of the ancestors flow.

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