Colonics are a great way to embrace change for your health. Change for better health, increased energy, and improved emotional stability. The mind, body, and spirit are connected. By caring for the colon the spirit will be liberated, the mind more harmonious, and the body cleansed. Water cleans the colon removing any toxic waste matters so you feel lighter physically, clearer skin, decreased pain and suffering, better digestion and nutrition assimilation, better immune system, and improved emotions.

Detox is a necessary supplement to eating an organic diet, especially during modern day living. Foods can be highly toxic with heavy use of chemicals in agriculture  because of the use of GMO’s. We are all toxic to a certain extent, and many toxins are stored in the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys.  This is a toxic crisis we are enduring, and we must fight for good health. The colon is a great place to start detoxing, for toxins are stored in the bodies soft tissues. When the colon is overloaded with toxins this creates blockages and disease. When your colon is detoxed your mental health improves; thus energy flows much easier.

There are things that we consume that contribute to poor colon health such as sugar, meat, dairy, all GMO and processed foods like soy, corn and wheat are highly carcinogenic.

The colon will definitely need a colonic if you are eating any of these. Not only that, there are chemicals and heavy metals in the air, water, and products we use and consume. The colon needs a cleansing regularly, even a healthy vegan diet can leave toxic residues in the colon, which water will clean out.

I began conducting manual colon cleanses a couple years ago, before this time I drank herbs to aid in cleansing and detoxifying the liver and colon. I have noticed the best health results with a vegan diet, and  weekly enemas at home, and one colonic per year. I recommend drinking kombucha to aid the digestive system’s health.

Doing these cleanses removes the candida or yeast from the body and this will end cravings for sugary processed foods. I recommend doing a week of enemas leading up to the liver flush, and a colonic immediately following the liver flush. MMS works amazing to remove debris. This will prepare the colon so the stones have somewhere to go, and the colonic will remove any bile, crystals, mucoid plaque, candida,  or stones that could potentially be reabsorbed. To get all that out of you- to feel alive and well.

So, embrace the change, try colonics, its not scary or painful, its wonderful. Experience this purification process yourself by doing home enemas, liver flush, and professional colonic to feel amazing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Prevent cancers of the colon. Avoid doctors who will cut and hack at you at the hospital or harmful radiation. You can do all prevention  on your own at home easily, take your health into your own hands. Flush the stones and colon with water and MMS for better health and don’t wait, now is the time. Talk to me for further details or assistance :)

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