Daily Rhythms/Technology and health Leslie Stangler

The cultural messages we often receive are to maximize the day by starting early and finishing late. I was taught to educate myself, to make learning priority in life. Since I am working on my Masters degree, I still believe higher education is more important than having an extravagant lifestyle, with fancy things. I like a simple life with time to meditate, do yoga, spend time with dogs, outdoors in nature, and to have room to breathe. I do not own a television for this very reason. I love time to day dream and read books or write in journal. I love time spent drinking tea and eating chocolate. There are many people I know is society who are opposite than my relaxation style. People like to be constantly busy, work long days, and go out late at night, ignoring their need for rest and quiet time. We use technology late at night, which affects our sleep, and alarm clocks to wake us up before we’re ready. It’s a beautiful thing to sleep without this negative influence from technology, to listen to the body’s natural rhythms. To sleep when the sun goes down and wake when the sun comes up.

Technology may help people with a lot of things, so there are many ups and downs to modern technology. I was taught technology comes second to the skills we should have as people. Things may have changed since I was growing up, now computers are part of everyday living. I learned to write cursive and good spelling with no spell check. I learned to play outside and with friends without having technology involved. I have had issues with technology throughout my life. Techie things break, are expensive, need repairs, and are wasteful. I have gone through many cellphones which led to impulse control issues, I felt the need to check the phone all the time, so I have been phone free for going on two years and I love it. Phones allow instant communication, which is not always a good thing. I like having my space. It was too hard to have a cellphone and not to check it all the time, this can get you in trouble on the job, in school, with your partner, etc. I am disgusted that I see so many people spend more time on the cellphone talking than they do with the people in front of them.

Relationship are much better when cellphones are not involved. To respect the man by giving him your undivided love and attention, not allowing televisions, cellphones, and radios to interfere with the intimacy and connection between you two. Cellphones can cause much drama and fighting in relationships, on the other hand its nice to receive an “I love you” text. But to save it for in person is what really matters. Its all about priorities, if your priorities are in the wrong territory, a relationship will not be strong. Even though there are airplanes to take us anywhere, I love a man that does not need to travel the world or seek worldly pleasures for happiness, he holds the key to happiness within. Even though there are weapons of destruction, I love a man who doesn’t need to kill animals, or need weapons to be cool. With the help of the Mac book pro, its nice to have someone who is willing to take the time to help you do your home-work, or be able to study around. I love a man who is aware of internet in-security and protects his identity and information from government hacking, and advise you in doing the same.  A man who can change his own oil and work things out with his car, someone who does not have a throw away attitude in life, that things are worth keeping around, even if they are holed socks. A man who is open to trying new things but does not preoccupy his peace of mind around needing anything. A man who is knowledgeable yet understanding of our own differences, someone who can agree to disagree without that affecting our love for each other. A man who does not have addictions to technology, social media, texting, or constant distractions.

I believe an illness happens when not living in harmony with all the aspects of self and nature. When your life becomes out of balance. When there are too many distractions; illness and stress can creep up on us without us aware of it. I believe the best thing we can do for our health is turn off technology, enjoy nature, and  heal thy self. Time is valuable. Time is of the essence. To not spend it rushing around trying to get as much done in what short time we have on Earth, but to slow down and enjoy the present moment; than life will be much more enjoyable. Time can easily be wasted monkeying around on TV, internet, playing video games, etc. To harmonize with our surroundings and selves, it’s important to shut down distractions, stay focused, and consciously aware of the body, the mind, the spirit, and life happening around you. There is so much beauty to be seen in the world. Distractions are like putting on blinders, so we become unaware of the beauty, mystery, awe, and wonder in our lives. This is where mindfulness meditation comes to the rescue.

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