American culture to benefit from TCM!

This research paper to discuss the major health problems within our society and culture and how I can influence the statistics to create a healthier world for all. Health care costs are mainly attributed to chronic diseases within the USA according to Bauer, et al., 2014.  There is a poor health epidemic from lack of physical activity, smoking, drinking, poor eating habits, too much working and too much stress. People are so busy working and quite possibly exerting too much of their energy on mundane activities, void of soul and life-force energy. In our modern American culture people tend to have higher blood pressure and this may be from the higher amounts of stress and poor diet. Common diseases we are facing are diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Its seems the majority people are overweight in America. Everything is super sized, processed, and fast food. I hate to admit this about my culture, for I would much rather focus on the rest of the population who do take care of themselves. Many people do go to the organic co-op market, which is not main stream at all. I do see healthy people making great food choices, but these people also have health problems. I am certain that all human beings face some kind of suffering, one way or another, and we cannot go a lifetime without some health issue, and we definitely are not going to get out of here alive, we all die in the end. But to make life more enjoyable and easier living, if it were up to me everyone would be vegan, do Yoga, meditate,  work less hours, spend more time in nature, be with family and friends, and getting the love and support they need to thrive. I feel people need to not be so disconnected from mother Earth.
 It seems the majority of the people who show up for acupuncture are relatively in a healthier condition and watch their diets more carefully than those who mainly go to the western health care facilities. I think people who use acupuncture are smarter, eat better, lead healthier lives. I will come foreword right away with this bias point of view! It is impossible to conduct research without having some bias, that the results of most studies are in-accurate and if they say they do not have bias, how can that even be true? The whole point of doing the research in the first place to take a side and defend that side I would think. Anyhow,  I definitely see that TCM patients are ahead of the game in a western dominated society. TCMers have made the choice to take their health into their own hands and brave to try something untraditional in a western perspective or standpoint. However, TCM is going mainstream and its everywhere now, I am more than joyous that people are using TCM as a primary for their medical needs. TCM definitely has a place in everyones home, with self healing techniques and practices. I believe everyone should take responsibility for their health as a primary medical practice! I will continue to persuade others to try acupuncture, dietary therapy, herbal medicines, cupping, moxa, and Tuina. I believe energy medicines are the way to keep stress at bay. Having acupuncture is a great way to relax for an hour. We learn to slow down and be. Other cultures have not adopted the American sedentary lifestyle and the health statistics of these places are probley much better. I promote Yoga, Qigong, Tai Qi, Karate, Kung fu, Crossfit, and anything that gets the Qi flowing. I consider myself a health coach to promote wellness. I am ecstatic to learn TCM and Acupuncture to add this to my arsenal to combat disease. As a health care practitioner, I can relay all the wonderful knowledge and wisdom I have acquired over the years as a graduate student in holistic health studies to the people I come into contact with, friends, colleagues, patients, peers, etc. TCM is wonderful for treating stress related psycho somatic types of disorders and disease. The main diseases in America are stress related, with disease such as anxiety and depression.
Anxiety and depression are all to prevalent in this modern society of go-go-go, and do-do-do, and take drugs for this and that. We are growing out of tune with the bodies and Earths natural bio rhythms. We are growing sicker as a society especially with the heavy use of pesticides, chemicals, artificial dyes and what not. EMF and technologies are wreaking havoc on our brain waves that normally relax and in sync with the Schumann resonance of Earth. Frequencies are effecting us on a neurological level. I have to say we are constantly over stimulated and bombarded with EMF our poor brains need a break from stimulation.
Another downfall to our overstressed society is lack of community support and love. People are becoming more isolated from each other. Divorce rates are 50%. There is conflict and stress in every home it seems, in the very place that we should feel at home and safe. America has found a way to become individualistic, where people are glued to virtual reality, and don’t even have meals together anymore. People work to make money during the week and spend their money on the weekends, or spend money on line at work on their tablets! Its pretty insane if you ask me. Both parents are working, the kids are left to face their own circumstances and vices without proper guidance and parenting. The parents are gone at work most the time, while the kids are learning unacceptable and unnatural ways of life; with a stressed out school teacher drinking loads of coffee, the children are in front of screens now! How is this humanely possible that we have come to this in society as a people it should not be tolerated but this is what it is now. Not even learning cursive hand writing. Im definitely on a rant. Now Im probley being presumptuous, and making drastic claims, because I am only going off of what Im hearing about modern day school systems, I was in 20 years ago and I have a feeling things have changed a lot. I do feel that there are more options and alternative education learning centers. As I have chosen TCM over IT school. There are those who go off the grid. There are definitely those who know how to balance work life and family life, and spend lots of time in nature. The Yoga culture has grown so much, and TCM continues to change the lives of many. There are new age children scattered throughout the mix, who definitely can make a difference in mainstream America. Im talking about the energy healing organic eating artist, Indigo children, vs the conventional GMO eating, television watching, obese, etc. I may be showing the separation that is occurring in society. This is definitely an issue, when we look at the world, is it black and white? Are we separate? Or are we interdependent and coexist? We are a colorful rainbow actually! We do coexist, and so as a health practicer of eastern medicine, I want to enlighten those who haven’t yet discovered the real benefits of practicing a simple clean pure lifestyle and diet and how much this benefits us. All it takes is promoting health and living by example. So, what else are we up against?
It seems rich countries face chronic health problems that are attributed to long term health choices like not exercising and eating too many fatty and rich foods. Americans who are faced with stress related disease like depression and anxiety, especially so- called minorities, those experiencing social disparities, the disabled, and those who experience racism and injustice. Significant opportunities are at hand to bridge the gaps in our understanding of how social and genetic factors interact and mutually influence health outcomes (Hernandez et. al, 2017). The more stress and anxiety, the more health problems there are. Anxiety disorders are costing a lot of money for medical expenses (Revicki et al., 2012).
 In poor parts of the world, people are more likely to contract virus, from not clean water and poor immune function from not enough nutrition, also communicable disease such as HIV and Aids. “The ten leading diseases for global disease burden were perinatal conditions, lower respiratory infections, ischaemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea diseases, unipolar major depression, malaria, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and tuberculosis” (Lopez, et al., 2006). This is definitely a world wide problem, Tuberculosis is wide spread with people migrating to the USA from countries who have high levels of this contagious disease.  Acupuncture can definitely help alleviate symptoms, but can it protect us from contracting TB lung condition? The fate of our culture in Minnesota is sketchy. Especially as Acupuncture doctors we will come into contact with all sorts of disease, some we are risking our lives to come into contact with. We can take precautions and wear a mask, wear gloves, we can pray to God for protection, and we can keep our immune systems strong with good health practices.
There is also a lot of fear, this may be a collective consciousness thing that we are experiencing at  such a magnitude of negativity, we are living in uncertain times, with terrorism and war.  I truly believe love conquers evil. By practicing love in our lives and teaching love and light in our healing sessions, as acupuncturist, we may shine light onto the darkness. The light can grow brighter if we continue to fuel the positive energy,  a shift in consciousness occurs, to lift the collective consciousness out of the doldrums. Staying positive and using our power to place the needles where it will improve the Shen, the soul and spirit can brighten. We can help to alleviate suffering for a lot of people. With our working knowledge we can do our best to alleviate suffering.
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