Journaling 12 June 18

Cast stones aside, Heavy to carry and cause harm to others. No matter what anyone else said or did to you. Noone deserves the projections from our difficult past/lives, recreating past hurts because of our unconscious minds. EGO, edging God Away, Wayne Dyer said. Re-wiring the self through repeatedly becoming Aware, to be love and feel love, we can tread lightly through life and perhaps ascend into the angelic heavenly realm that only the sages, ancestral masters, meditation¬†masters, self realized souls, and profoundly advanced yogi’s and the like can really know of. We all know what its like to be out the body, we just forget, part of realizing the self is to realize we are not bound by time, space, people, things. We are free unlimited, sat chit ananda. We can enjoy the freedom of Soul consciousness while in the body. This is the ultimate freedom in life. Once we realize that you and I are one and the same from the SOURCE, we can look differently, look for ourselves in others, rather than looking at differences and creating separation. Yoga means union with the self. The higher self, that which is unafflicted, that which is eternal. We can become kinder beings, we can practice ahimsa, and the other Yoga sutras, “ten commandments” and other guides for us to follow to bring peace on Earth, with ease and grace. Pleasant mindedness, non grasping, non interference, etc. So please lets open our third eyes and see the oneness.¬†<3¬†Treading lightly through this lifetime, protecting the nature the Earth, the air, creating purity through thoughts, speech words. Using imagination and connection to the divine to bring all things holy into our lives, giving and receiving through love. Namaste