10 ways in which I will integrate “foundations for holistic health and wellbeing” themes with my professional and personal life is:

Cultural relativity. I don’t think anything in life is absolute. Cultures and people are always changing. To embrace change is a desirable quality of character to maintain during times of change. I can practice this in my personal life by staying flexible through forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, contentment, and compassion for others.

Quantum Physics: What can happen will happen. To think positive thoughts because they have the power to change my reality in good ways, unlike negative thoughts that make life much worse,  and staying positive regardless of the circumstances.

Will live as a holistic health activist through leadership and adhere to the paradigm shift that is taking place. To live from the heart and raise awareness of higher consciousness. Self love so I can better show up in others lives.

To live as woman and healer. To help others through they’re suffering. To share what I know for the greater good for all. To take responsibility for the maintenance and enhancement of my life, and continue to heal my self from past, present, or future trauma and suffering.

To find balance and moderation in all things. For example, I will continue to minimize exposure to technological distractions that add to the problem and create more illness, separation, and stress on the body, mind, and spirit.

I will continue to integrate holistic philosophy of illness and disease in all areas of my life. For instance, my dog has fallen sick with mange once again, and I will try integrating alternative therapies with western medicine. Both are effective at treating the disease, but one will not compromise her immune system. Holistic remedies can be more effective and have long lasting results.

I will continue to use centering and breathing practices such as Tai Chi Chih and Yoga, using art projects as a focus for meditation purposes, and journaling about the effectiveness of each of the healing modalities that I am learning in class. Breath awareness in all areas of my life to promote relaxation and feelings of wellbeing.

To continue learning about Eastern and Western healing traditions. To use this knowledge and wisdom when appropriate in my professional life as a yoga teacher and personal life as a holistic health practitioner.

To make well-being and holism a priority in life by taking yoga, learning something new, and trying a holistic healing modality each and every day.

To engage in this world as a spiritual being living this human experience.

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