Love is the path of life


Every knee shall bend and every head shall bow.

Blockages in the body and heart, such as fear, judgement, and worry block our connection to the infinite love that heals and restores us.

Faith means to believe in something noone in their right mind would believe, and believe it anyway.

Take a leap of faith, There are two mistakes of living your Truth: not going all the way and never starting.

Share your time with others, love is the path of life. Let the peace of God rule in your heart.

Keep to the kingdom of heaven. Stand in holy ground when saying yes or no to things.

enCOURAGEment means to do right, clear, and effective living.

Rejoice and be glad that the heart can lead our way. Our angels can prepare the perfect way for us to accomplish what we set out for, if we ask for guidance and protection.  The heart values our thoughts.

This is the power of the spirit and wisdom of the ages. The heart knows all.

We are energy more than we are matter. So live it up, the heart will sing. Listen to God, in the silence, for wisdom lies in the heart of the matter. Wisdom is knowledge.

Learn what does work, rather than complain what does not work.

All of life and people are our teachers, all are good teachers, in troublesome relations, we learn what we dont want.

Silence is the science of God, Everything else is a translation.

“My soul doth magnify the Lord, my Spirit rejoices.”

Ponder with your <3 Heart.

The silence is the noise of Strength.

The spirit calls you to awaken to higher dimensions and new realms of infinite human potential, higher consciousness, and bless all others as they move to this awareness.

It is an awakening to the infinite love within and without.

Love you all.


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