Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki compared

15. Given Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Reiki, list principles they all have in common. Continue by listing the strengths and weaknesses that are unique to these three different forms of energy healing. Finally, at the this point in your graduate studies are you feeling a preference.

They are all similar because they each open energy pathways, remove blocked energy, and evoke a relaxation response in the client. The practitioner may use contact or non contact when working as they move life-force energy. Energy healing is meant to help nature heal itself, through unblocking, releasing, and rebalancing the person’s energy. It works with the energy field, affecting the whole person-body, mind, and spirit. These energy healing practices work by centering, setting the intention to help or heal for the clients highest and greatest good, and directing healing energy to the client. Practitioners need not be present with the client for the healing to work because distance healing is effective and always available to them, as is self-healing. Energy healing is rooted in the understanding that we are self-healing.  Healing Touch is much more elaborate with many techniques. This can be confusing for a practitioner as they attempt to stay focused on one Healing Touch technique and they may mix it up with another. Healing Touch has amazing benefits, to move energy with swift hand movements, working to balance the chakras and release blocked energies. Therapeutic Touch is not too much different then Healing Touch, it involves hands in motion and hands still. Practitioners are able to perform Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch in a timely fashion, making it convenient when there is no healing room available. All energy healing can be done on massage table or chair, or on the go. Reiki is most different then the other two, in that Reiki is channeling energy from God, which makes Reiki my preferred energy healing technique. Im able to put my focus on Gods love and healing energy as I channel the energy through me and into the client. I believe all energy healing serves the same purpose and it enhances the sense of connection to something greater.

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