Embracing Emotions Dreams Demystified.

Last night, I dreamt of baby girl  so soft and tender in my arms and later a bright purple glowing moonstone. People were attempting to take away from me, they wanted what I have.  What could this possibly mean?

Perhaps Im feeling helpless in a situation? Is it possible to share too much love with other, leaving you vulnerable to hurt and pain. Isn’t love what we are here to do and to love with no limits, and the pain you may experience from loss worth loving in the moment?

Perhaps the dream of the baby girl means I am feeling innocent.  Or it may mean I have lost control in a certain situation.

So again, I put all my faith in God and the Universe that life will enfold the way it is meant to for my own greatest good.

It will help you in the end to be expressive, not to suppress emotions.  Its very liberating to express your emotions, whether that be love, compassion, or something may bother you and need to be addressed.

I also dreamt about a moonstone glowing purple. 

The moonstone: “symbolizes wealth, prosperity and luck”  and purple: “Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity.” (http://dreammoods.com/cgibin/dreamdictionarysearch.pl?method=exact&header=dreamsymbol&search=purple.)

  The dream may mean I need to express my emotions with others freely, and be true to myself, and cultivate the qualities of the purple. With unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, and kindness for all beings everywhere. For there is vulnerability in expressing your emotions, and with opening yourself to the world, you just might bring in good luck. 

The moonstone glowing purple is mine to embrace, not for anyone to take away.  I am in control of my emotions and choose to live a life of loving kindness, peace,  and harmony. To share as I choose, not to have anything taken. To live a life of abundance, non attachment, and free will to give and receive.  To live with an open heart. No one can take away your freedom to love and express love no matter what the circumstance.

Much like the mantra, loka samastah sukino bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, may our words thoughts and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom for all beings everywhere.

I wish you all to be well, prosperous, and happy.

Namaste glowing moon

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