eCOLONogical at Ecopolitan, colon hydrotherapy

I interviewed the colonic practitioner, Carol Edel, who works in the same building as Ecopolitan in uptown. She calls her business eCOLONogical. Carol is a friendly older lady who looks very young for her age, thanks to all the detox and holistic health modalities she utilizes! Carol has been doing colonics since she was thirty years old and she looks very good, thanks to a predominantly vegan diet, regular colonics, and esthetician skills.  Carol  is trained in massotherapy for massage in regards to disease and lympathic drainage. Carol has a love for outdoors and she has a small white dog who hangs with her at work. She is into metaphysics and spiritual transformation. She works out of the Ecopolitan building in Uptown.  She found a great location for her clients are mostly from next door at the restaurant. She rents a room inside a nice massage center. Her room is peaceful with angel symbols throughout. She uses the angel water system for her colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Colon hydrotherapy is a great thing to get into if you want to feel energized, refreshed, and clean inside and out. Water has the ability to remove toxic buildup for the colon wall.  Theres so many good reasons to have colonics. If you juice or fast a week before the colonic it will be that much more effective, because your body naturally purges toxins to the colon and the colonic will rinse out whatever toxins accumulate from the body into the colon. Its nice to have Ecopolitan, a healthy building with many different healing services to offer colonics. As soon as you walk into the restaurant you see a sign that says colonics, and it makes you think, I should probley do a colonic! Colonics massage your colon, strengthen the muscles so your digestion becomes more efficient, and you absorb nutrients better.

The colon is the first thing affected by environmental toxins, its where toxins are stored in the soft fatty tissue.  To heal your body and rid your colon of toxins  you should start with a colonics. Than other healing modalities will be that much more effective and efficient. Don’t waste your money on expensive detox supplements, the natural way works best. Start with a healthy raw vegan diet, lots of water, regular colon cleansing, plenty of probiotics, lots of exercise and you will be healthy without spending too much money on hoax fad diets. The environment we live in is full of toxins and cancer is on the rise, so take the extra precaution and have your colon cleansed today. Carol is just the person to do it, she has experience, knowledge, and patience to get to know her clients and give lots of advice. Carol is into metaphysics, spiritual transformation, and she loves her clients, this is why she still does this after all the years. I will be doing a session with her very soon to experience a more hands on hydrotherapy session with a gentle healer.

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